What do the gift card earnings now earn?

So now that Christmas is over the items that used to earn gift cards earn money now.

The Present Depot

Earning: $35 + 3 xp every 60 minutes

Egg Nog Bar

Earnings: $70 + 7xp every 3 hours

Elves Home

Earnings: $260 + 26xp every 10 hours

Holiday Tree

Earnings: $500 + 50xp every 24 hours

Each one of these items can be stored, although you are unable to see any of these.


5 thoughts on “What do the gift card earnings now earn?

  1. My Kindle Fire will not update. Is anyone else having this problem? How do I get it to update? I already have it on automatic update, but still nothing.

  2. I spent a ridiculous amount of money on donuts and then bought a ridiculous amount of elf homes because i thought they were cute running around my town collecting presents that im to lazy to collect, and now they are nowhere to be seen.. I don’t mind because i still have a comfortable amount of donuts for the next update but i do really miss my elves. They should be able to run around my town and collect money from buildings instead of hibernate till next Christmas. Lol.

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