Will You Be Redesigning?

With Christmas finally over and with all the new content we received, will you be doing a redesign of your Springfield? If so will it be a full on redesign or do you have a specific area that’s just crying out to be redone? Let us know in the comments below!


18 thoughts on “Will You Be Redesigning?

  1. Going to start shuffling thi ngs over. Going to group together government buildings together along with Xmas stuff together on their own square.

  2. ill probably make my town look better. i just have one building i can buy (without spending donuts). after that i have every building (not counting the ones that cost like a million) so im just buying more ground to move things over cuz now i got them all stuffed together without any space in between

  3. What new content? The Christmas stuff? I was incredibly disappointed with this update? Is it an update? Where are the murders?

    Worst update ever.

    • There has been no update other than to end the Christmas event and remove the snow from your Springfield. A level update is expected in the next couple of days,I would take this time to build up funds,buy land expansions and rearrange your town to make room for new items.

      • I’m all prepped! Got about $4M, all land bought and room enough for new buildings. I’m getting impatient haha after it was extended to the 14th and no big update following that. ;_;

  4. I know it may not be what most peopole consider “original”, but I am gonna start making my “Springfield” look like the real “Sprinfield” in the TV show (as best I can).

  5. Bought some land and did some improvements heer and there, cleaned to place up so to say and made some room. I wait for the next event and new buildings to really redesign – if nescessary .

  6. Ugh… yes. I redesigned my entire springfield after the holloween event, but i don’t like how it ended up. so i’ll be doing a complete overhaul. I feel like the key to a nice springfield starts with figuring out where to put the power plant.

  7. I sold off some kwik-e marts and krusty burgers, as well as a few brown houses I don’t need anymore as a result of all the new Christmas buildings. Keep my 5 star rating for bonus cash and xp and get rid of a bunch of duplicate buildings to make room for the new buildings I’m hoping to see by tomorrow…

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