Level 38 Buildings and decorations

Level 38 is upon as and new content has been added!

Here are the Buildings and decorations that have been added!

Springfield Grocery Store

Springfield Grocery Store

Cost 261,000Cash.png

Springfield Courthouse

Springfield Courthouse

Cost 319,500Cash.png (quest enabled for unlock)

Knight boat (Premium)
Cost 40Donut Tapped Out.png

Greenpeace Boat

Greenpeace Boat

Cost 1300Cash.png

Lady Justice Statue

Lady Justice Statue

Cost 4500Cash.png

Khlav Klash Stand

Khlav Klash Stand

Cost 760Cash.png


10 thoughts on “Level 38 Buildings and decorations

  1. can you make multiple grocery stores? since thats the case with most shops and since the money you get from the grocery store isnt that great compared to the amount it costs

    • As far as I know it is only one Grocery store but its not to say that you will not be able to purchase more at a later date with either in-game cash or donuts.

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