LEVEL 38!!!

So straight to it, this level we recive:


Blue Haired Lawyer (Premium)

Judge Snyder + Courthouse (Quest)

Knightboat (Premium)

Lady Justice Statue

Khlav Klash Stand

Keep tapping guys… lets enjoy the new level.

Further walkthroughs will be up soon.

Greenpeace Boat

7 thoughts on “LEVEL 38!!!

  1. Ah no update for me so i have uninstalled and reinstalling now hope it works as i have been wanting the court house for a very long time now.

  2. A very happy delay- I got the update but it didn’t work right away, which allowed me to complete level 37 again and get 3 more donuts! Then it automatically leveled me up to 38 and gave me 2 more donuts! Sorry to brag I just got really excited. Excited for level 38! Totally need to redesign but want all buildings first 🙂

  3. I found out I have more land available to buy always a bonus only checked a couple months ago not sure when i got it ???(it’s a strip right down the side)

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