Put the Spring back in Springfield!

So Christmas is over!,the snow has melted and the grass is looking greener than ever in Springfield!

Many people are busy redesigning whilst eagerly awaiting the Level 38 update!

I’ve had many people ask for some help in redesigning and a little inspiration so I have turned to you to send in your photo’s and once again you have not let us down!

You will find below several photo’s from fellow tappers and I hope that they give you a little inspiration,I will be adding more as they are mailed in!

Please send your photos to: photos.tappedoutdaily@gmail.com and include Redesigning in the subject line.

Pictures supplied by nuttygirl38

nuttygirl38 10nuttygirl38 6nuttygirl38 8nuttygirl38 3

Pictures supplied by hush_hush420

hush_hush420. 1 hush_hush420. 2 hush_hush420. 3 hush_hush420.  4

Pictures supplied by leanneromeo

leanneromeo 4leanneromeo 1 leanneromeo 2 leanneromeo 3

Pictures Supplied by wg1501

Wg54@live.nl 1Wg54@live.nl 2Wg54@live.nl 3Wg54@live.nl 4

Pictures Supplied by vicky-gard877

vicky-gard877 1 vicky-gard877 2 vicky-gard877 3 vicky-gard877 4

Pictures Supplied by robertgard960

robertgard960 1 robertgard960 2 robertgard960 3 robertgard960 4

Picture supplied by xerxeron


Picture Supplied by meret79


Picture Supplied by rossfernando


Picture Supplied by BdenOtter!


Picture Supplied by isabellahel


Picture Supplied by liam_sims_636



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