Snyder House Rules,Level 38 Walk-through


So you have completed the first Quest-line Unlocked the Courthouse and Of-course the Playable Character of  Judge Snyder!.

He comes with his own Quest-line albeit short but it could be added too in a later update!

Please do not read further if you prefer to discover for yourself! 

Snyder House Rules Pt.1

Place a File:Tapped Out Minnow Pond.png

Make-Tapped_Out_Judge_Snyder_IconTake a 24 Hour Vacation (24 Hours)

Snyder House Rules Pt.2

Make -Tapped_Out_Judge_Snyder_IconTry Out For A Role (12 Hours)

Snyder House Rules Pt.3

Make -Tapped_Out_Judge_Snyder_IconGet In Shape For a Role (60 Minutes)

Snyder House Rules Pt.4

Make -Tapped_Out_Judge_Snyder_IconAct in a Local Film (8 Hours)


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