Give Me More Land!!!!

I think it is time EA give us more land yet again. I am having trouble trying to fit my town into the current land restrictions.

How are the rest of you going land wise, or do you need more like I do? Let me know in the comment section


19 thoughts on “Give Me More Land!!!!

  1. I haven’t yet bought up all of the land, have all of the purchase items and a fair few premium buildings too. I also house farm but with style – each house has space and a path to actually get to the front door and a tree. I did have to sacrifice my heavily decorated areas but meh I don’t mind that much. 6 squares of land still left to purchase (I can afford it I’m just keeping them aside)

  2. I still got a little room left but it means that I have to remove som wood area ect so yes I could really use some more land too… Bought the last patch og land doing Xmas… And that was water so not much use there either! So please give us more land… Btw has anyone noticed that the amount of XP needed to lvl up has gone down… Before the new update it was 1/2million XP needed to lvl up og get my up to 3donuts but now it’s under 300000 XP!

    • Yeah I noticed that as I leveled up and then levelled up again and hit 3 donuts in the boxes :D. I could do with more land as I am currently redesigning my whole springfield after donutting my way through most of the level 38 update so I could bring everyone the walkthoughs.A faster way of putting all your items in the inventory would be good as its painstaking doing it one item at a time especially with decorations,fences,hedges e.t.c

  3. I haven’t even bought all the squares yet and I have no coordination / cohesion to my town. I figure once I buy all the land, then I’ll make it start looking pretty. So if I get more land, it’ll take that much longer!!

  4. Need more land too!! I have room for 2 more buildings or I have to redesign some places to make it all fit,, so please EA: Landupdate!

  5. I have needed more land for a while now. I am having a hard time making everything not looked cluttered. I hope they give us more land soon.

  6. I seriously need more land!! I like my buildings to have parking lots. Decorations. My town is very cluttered and it’s driving me crazy!

  7. I stored arround 45 buildings (mostly houses and some restaurants) so far. And I didnt farm, all of those were well decorated. I seriously need more land since I dont have any more restaurants franchises to store. Whats the point of playing this game if we cant decorate our town?

  8. What are the land grid dimensions of Springfield? What I mean is, is Springfield 20 pieces of land X 20 pieces of land. What are the exact numbers?

  9. I deleted you last month during the Christmas event because at one point, you had no buildings in your town. They were all there for the week since I added you and then they were all gone. What was up with that? Why ask for more land when you put away everything?

  10. I have plenty of land left. I even have a huge wooded area in my town. I’m not like some people where I have 20 million houses or Kwik-E-Marts just to make extra cash. I have 1 of each color house in my town. Everything is spaced out just right and not on top of each other. Not sure how people are running out of land.

  11. Could you give use a upate on when land can be bought again, i’m in need for more land, i need to storage more and more houses 😦

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