How Far Have You Progressed With Level 38?

Level 38 hasn’t been available all that long but I’m wondering how far along you are in terms of completing it? I’m just finished building the courthouse so I still have a ways to go, how about you guys? Are you finished it, or yet to begin? Let us know in the comments section below!


5 thoughts on “How Far Have You Progressed With Level 38?

  1. my courthouse will be ready in about 17 hours. i dont get that much money because i want to make everything before i make more houses to farm (i will put enough space between the houses and a path to the doorway)

  2. About 1/3 of the way through. Just started building my courthouse about 20 minutes ago (didn’t have enough money when it was released) and I don’t buy doughnuts, so not enough to spend to speed things up.
    So, just moving along at my own chaotic, unorganized pace. 😀

  3. Has anyone else noticed that if you go to Krustyland you can now exchange tickets for Springfield Cash!! Great way to keep interest in Krustyland once everything is finished!

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