Would You Like To See A Valentines Event This Year?

Last year Tapped Out featured a very successful mini event to celebrate valentines say. My question to you is, if the dialogue from the New Years quest is to be believed, would you like to see a valentines day event again this year or should EA skip it all together?


28 thoughts on “Would You Like To See A Valentines Event This Year?

  1. Yes! Have a valentines event with the opportunity to get the howards florist they got last year. I only started in July and missed out.

  2. I’d like a valentines event, but hopefully one that doesn’t completely change the look of my entire town like the holloween and christmas events did.

  3. oh yeah,… and i’d really like an oportunaty to get that girl that i think is part of the ‘bullies’ collection. if i did my research correct, she was released on last years valentines day event. The girl that was barts first crush. I had a crush on Darlene from Rosanne back in the day and i think she did the voice for that character.

  4. I definitely say yes! Especially since I have no new levels to be excited about right now. The events give me mor reason to keep coming back!

  5. I think they should do a Valentine’s event because as you progress further into the game there are less things to do and you have to wait longer for tasks to become completed unless you want to spend out on doughnuts!! I think that the events keep the game fresh and give you something to work towards without really having to do anything other than tap!!!

  6. with community prizes as well, only with reachable numbers !! alot of people were talking of quitting because xmas numbers were too high, thank you EA for bringing them in line to keep people playing.

  7. Agree with Tina didn’t get to play the valentine day event last year. This event needs to end at midnight the day it says it’s going to end because with the Christmas one this year I was so close to getting something went into it and all gifts were gone. Other then that it would be great to have one something similar to the Halloween event thanks.

  8. I’m really looking forward to a Valentine’s update. I started tapping in September & missed last years event. I really have my heart set on EA bringing back the florist shop although it’s unlikely. I’ve even hoarded donuts just in case I need them if they brought it back as a premium item lol Although I’d really love to see some different buildings & decor for the update, I wouldn’t mind a few from last year so people who missed out can catch up & all tappers will have the opportunity for new content so events aren’t too repetitive. Hope my wishes come true! Happy Tapping!

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