The Game Is DOWN!

I’ve just got this message while trying to login to the game. Hopefully it’s fixed soon enough!

Undergoing Maintenance

We are aware some players may have lost connectivity to The Simpsons: Tapped Out mobile game and are currently unable to play. Our team is currently investigating the issue. We greatly appreciate your patience and are working to get normal access restored as soon as possible.

Image Obtained Via Google Search


9 thoughts on “The Game Is DOWN!

  1. Yep I got it too 😦 boooo. Hopefully it won’t be for long. This time last year I wasn’t able to log on for a month after receiving this message 😥

  2. I’ve been locked out for almost 5 days now. I can’t even get far enough to see this message so it’s good to see SOMETHING is happening.

  3. My gamel keeps locking up after about 10 seconds. Is this a new problem or part of the same one? Anyone else having the same issue?

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