When Do You Think The Valentines Update Will Drop?

With only week left in January, and the rumour of there being a valentines update once again this year, when do you think it will drop? My guess would be February 4th or 5th due in simple fact that it’s the first week of February and App Store updates usually happen on a Tuesday or Wednesday.


14 thoughts on “When Do You Think The Valentines Update Will Drop?

  1. Yeah… I’m actually thinking it will drop this Tuesday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed though. Trying to fix up my Springfield, but waiting for more possible buildings to come with the update. I’m hoping they’ll re-release Howard’s Flower and the Ice Cream Parlor like they’ve done with the previous events releasing prior stuff. I started playing after the Valentine’s Day event last year and missed out.

  2. i hope for more shops to get my rating up. i have 5 stars on everything except consumerism (wich has 4stars) and making 10 kwik-e-marts is quite lame

  3. I can’t seem to figure out how to delete people from my friends. So many towns that are no longer played. CAn someone please help. Thanks

      • i have both an apple and android device. first you could delete friends on an apple device easy but they changed it. i think tapped out daily made a post before about deleting friends on an android wich now also counts for apple devices. you might wanna look into their post history

  4. If you download a free game that uses Origin, then you can manage friends through that. I was told to download Scrabble, which has Origin. I downloaded it, and can now use my Origin account through Scrabble to delete non-playing friends. My Tapped Out can still add friends.

    • i cant download scabble cuz its not available in the dutch itunes store or something. why did they even make it harder to delete friends. idk wich game to download thats actually in the dutch itunes store, is free and has origin

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