Is There An Event That You’d Like Added That Has Never Been Featured Yet

With all the talk of a possible valentines update coming our way soon, I got to thinking, what kind of events would you like to see added that have not yet been featured in the game? I’d love to see the drunks of Springfield celebrate Oktoberfest in the way that only the Simpsons can! What about you, what would you like to see?


28 thoughts on “Is There An Event That You’d Like Added That Has Never Been Featured Yet

  1. Easter or some British holidays like St Georges Day or bonfire night! Could also include any other holidays from other cultures/religions??

  2. A Woodstock revival festival ( or any other ( music or ? ) hippy, heavy metal , folk, house, dance etc. etc. festival );
    Chinese new year, International woman s day ( marge organizes activities for springfielders), World animal day (Lisa of course) ; Nelson Mandela day.
    Walpurgisnight , or a witches summer / sun fest
    A hindu festival for Apu ( festival of lights or something)
    Olympic gay games.

    • I think your idea is spot on, I see a lot of different
      things that I can’t get as I have only been playing since Christmas
      Day 2013 both my kids have played for 2 yrs & one got me
      addicted to it lol

  3. it’s not really an event, but i thought it would be cool to have a two part quest that you can have the simpsons family recreate the opening title sequence to the show. You’d only need the power plant, grocery store, and the elimentary school. They’d each do a task at their location then part 2 would be that they all rush home for some tv.

  4. I would like to see more stuff and events for Krustyland, kind of boring there lately and its got room enough for new buildings 🙂

  5. st georges day, characters; dragon,
    costume; st georges day willie and/or apu
    quests; make characters flee from dragon
    send characters to fight dragon
    make willie and/or apu fight dragon

  6. Definitely more environmental and animal celebration days,
    one prize could be the giant tree that Lisa sleeps in! They don’t
    have to be big vents but some acknowledgement for the days would be
    awesome and bring more awareness around the world to days some ppl
    may not know about! However this is so many important days how
    would they choose. Earth day should def be one important one!
    Something else fun would be supernatural days, world flower
    festival, full moon month where ppl turn into wherewolves, Chinese
    New Year! You should definitely address the adoption with patty is
    it? Lol and add that to the game, There’s a lot more they could do!
    It would be so fun coming up with ideas!

  7. I would like to see something with maggie. Make her a
    character with her own jobs to do, instead of being walked by Marge
    for the 8hr job. (There is so many things that she could do). Make
    more houses to buy!!!!

  8. There should be side quests that we can choose to do or not
    to earn items & characters no longer available that we
    would like to have on our town. I’d like to see music fest’s,
    bonefire night maybe send characters into reality tv shows like big
    brother lol make new quests on them

  9. Willie wouldn’t celebrate St George’s Day because he’s Scottish, it would be St Andrew’s Day.
    An Easter event would be good

  10. I think an Easter event would be fun! Collecting eggs and releasing bunnies! You could make Bart & Milhouse egg people or Lisa & Martin celebrate spring equinox. Make Homer dress like a bunny!

    There could also be a Gay Pride Parade! As others have said, a Renaissance Fayre, Oktoberfest, and Mardi Gras!

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