When Will The Superbowl Update End?

It’s the question on every players mind right now! While it might seem like I’m about to make a wild guess, I’d like to think of it as a well calculated wild guess. If we go off of previous in-app updates, such as episode tie-ins, we should get a fairly close answer. All episode tie-in updates always end on the Monday after the new episode airs. This should be no different. Episode tie-ins usually come to an end at about 5/6pm in the US. Therefore, it stands to reason that this update should end around this time. Remember though, EA will give no advanced warning as to when the items will be removed, they will simply just disappear from the store.

Now the only question I have left to ask is, who are you rooting for?


8 thoughts on “When Will The Superbowl Update End?

  1. Manning! !! If giants can’t be in it then older brother all the way. Loving it here in Jersey! 🙂 sti waiting for vday update I started playing last year day after it ended so I didnt get anything. .. excited to see what it is full of.

  2. Hey tappedoutdaily if I am not mistaken homer should be pretty upset about with the outcome of the super bowl. As I recall homer recieved a going away gift from Hank Scorpio. Pretty sure that going away gift was the Denver Broncos. Please correct me if I am wrong. It has been a while since I saw that episode.

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