Coming Soon – Full Coverage of The Next Update!

Soon we will be bringing you full coverage of what is believed to be a Valentines Day event. Please be patient though as EA may change the release at any time without warning. Make sure to come back and visit after the update hits for all of the best information. Please be aware also that it may take some time for posting to begin after the update hits. We’ll talk soon!


3 thoughts on “Coming Soon – Full Coverage of The Next Update!

  1. I need to get rid of some of my non playing neighbours but since last update when they took away the listings on neighbours I can’t see how to do it, I play on an iPad does anybody know how to get rid of people please.

    • I’ve been having the same problem on my iPod. So far can’t find a way round it. But just know you’re not on your own with that problem 🙂

      • Go to your App Store, download free version of EA SCRABBLE ,you can sign into your origin account in game and it has the same origin friends setup as we used to have on iPad.u can add or delete same as we used to and u don’t even need to play the scrabble game. If u don’t want.hope it helps u out guys

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