Still no new land!

So I have fully finished the Valentines Update and as such my town is now to cramped to look good.

We really need more land as soon as possible, how are you going with the land we currently have available.


9 thoughts on “Still no new land!

  1. I find it hard to believe that players have no room for anything. Unless they are farming houses, which, let’s be honest, takes the fun out of the game.

    • I have never farmed houses nor repeated any buildings. My town is full but I have used Land wisely. So your comment is totally invalid at least in my and I am sure many other people’s cases.

      • Honestly, I think you need to calm down. This is a game, it’s that simple. I love playing it, but I don’t need everything in the game to be satisfied. Maybe pull out some buildings that don’t do much – the dog track, the skyscraper with Homer Kong – and pull back on decorations if you have a lot. I redesigned about 5 times before I finally found a layout that I’m happy with. And while I’m 6 squares away from having all the land, I still have a lot of unused land, and I’m at Level 38 with multiple premium buildings. So don’t say my comment is totally invalid. I offered an opinion and you jumped all over it, which was uncalled for.

  2. Totally agree. I’ve been a avid player for over eighteen months and need more land. EA seem more interested in getting new players rather than those loyal ones like me who have purchased doughnuts with our hard earned cash. Come on EA, your customers deserve some loyalty

  3. Same goes for me… I have to remove stuff to be able add new stuff! I finished my “valentine-land” and I had to remove a lot of trees and other stuff to build it! I was really hoping that we would get new land added w this update! Plus I already got all the new stuff from the wheel and what I could by with donuts and game-ca$h….

  4. I’ve never understood how people are running out of room either. I’m an avid player, i have everything you could possibly buy for the last 9 months and i still have plenty of room. I’m even reorganizing my city right now to give more space to each building and make it look nicer. I don’t even have all the land unlocked yet,

  5. i think people need to remember that it probably wasn’t intended for people to buy all the special donut items. If you’ve unlocked all the land and you’re complaining that you need more, then more than likely you’ve had your game fixed so that you’ve got thousands of donuts. So my suggestion is store stuff you don’t actually like.

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