Valentines Day 2014

Here is the new items


  • Shauna – 100 Donuts
  • Brandine – Donuts
  • Mindy Simmons (with Madame Choa)
  • Three Spuckler Kids (each takes 90 days)


  • Madame Choa’s – 2500
  • Phineas Q. Butterfat’s – Donuts
  • Howards Flowers – Donuts


  • Tunnel of Love (Get 1 of each item off the friendship wheel)


  • Valentines Tree – $760
  • Rose Bush – grow roses at Cletus’s Farm – 24hrs $1000
  • Up, Up and Buffet – Donuts
  • Whale – 300 Donuts
  • Love Planter – $1300
  • Cherub Topiary – $3500
  • Rose Arch – $1900
  • Beach Chair – $250
  • Cozy Hammock – 40 Donuts
  • Choo Choo Train – Friendship Wheel
  • Cherub Bird Bath – Friendship Wheel
  • Lovely Gazebo – Friendship Wheel
  • Lovely Lampost – Friendship Wheel
  • Lovely flower cart – Friendship Wheel
  • Fountain of love – Friendship Wheel
  • Love Bench – Friendship Wheel
  • Lovely Fence – Friendship Wheel
  • Valentine Balloons – Friendship Wheel


  • 5 Spins worth of hearts – 25 Donuts
  • 15 Spins worth of hearts – 65 Donuts
  • 30 Spins worth of hearts – 115 Donuts

A Valentines spin wheel – 200 hearts per spin

Change to origin


11 thoughts on “Valentines Day 2014

    • I don’t mind. I’m glad they gave newer players a chance to get those buildings. I started playing right after the vday event last year and didn’t have a chance to get anything. I’m glad they brought it back. But steep donut prices though. I want that damned whale though… But 300 donuts… Crazy!!!

  1. Pretty much all the same items as last year. Glad the newbies get a chance to grab the old shit but us original playas should be entitled to some new things. Boo. And no land??!? Grrr!! Not a very good update.

  2. Ques it really starts after harvesting the roses? Well i am not in a hurry this time, hope the new players have fun 😉. ( 300 d that is appr. 20 bucks for a picture of a whale?? ) ( and why a purple beach chair, already got striped ones? ) Well, there are other things to do; reminds me of the fact that i really need to vacuum the room …

  3. They are probably just saving all the good builds they have lined up for Easter, like it’s just valentines day it’s not a major holiday. I didn’t get my hopes up to high, One building and a new character that’s pretty good when you think about it!

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