Why Are The Servers Down…. Again?

The servers are down once again and this time it has something to do with the latest update. As long time players know, every update is always besieged with bugs and glitches. So it should come as no surprise when I tell you that this time is no different!

Here’s what I know so far. I believe the current glitch is only affecting level 38 players. The problem is that the glitch is forcing players back to the beginning of the level 38 questline (both regular and premium) even if they’ve already completed it. There have also been reports of level 38 content going missing from players towns (such as the grocery store).

If the problem persists for a lengthy period of time, EA will be forced to provide us with an update which I will then provide to you. I don’t expect it to be too long, but when EA is involved, you just never know!

EDIT 1: I’m back in the game but the issue is still not fixed.


34 thoughts on “Why Are The Servers Down…. Again?

  1. I got in for about 5 minutes then got booted out again, but all I have so far are the roses, whale and sun lounger to do or buy, where is the rest of the stuff, wheel, train, etc

      • You need to complete some of the tasks including planting the roses and visiting a few neighbours.

  2. I got back in and have level 38 back and have all my buildings and characters but have to re-do all the missions. I guess I will take that I did get my 2 donuts for geting to level 38 again

  3. I’m not on level 38 nor is my hubby & both r locked out, I got on for 2 mins to visit others & it cut off! No collection of hearts on others towns either like we had cards at Xmas so how do we collect hearts? We r new to this, only been going since Xmas day, but on all the time..

  4. I’m level 38 and have been totally blocked out since the update occurred :/ hope it gets sorted soon as I haven’t even seen the update yet!

  5. I got in for 5 min on android and ipad now can’t get on at all this dos not help when I put all my people on one hour jobs dos that mean E A are going to give me back the hours I have lost in money and doughnuts sick off this happening unhappy Simpson fan

  6. I just started level 37. I can’t get the update. I can log in normally but no update. Another bummer, I can’t visit other friends towns who were able to get the update. It says they have more updated content than I do. And it says I can update but it just spins and logs back in normally.

  7. I’m having problems too, it’s taking forever to load, it’s sluggish when it does and it’s force closing randomly. I haven’t got the new decorations either even though I updated. Has anyone else got these issues?

  8. I downloaded the update as soon as I saw it in the App store and was able to get into the game immediately. A few hours later, I get the splash screen trying to download 4.6 additional MB. As soon as the donut starts circling, I get a “Cannot Connect to Server” every time. Hitting “Retry” does nothing (well, it takes me back to the splash screen and then back to the same message). Repeat.

    Is this happening to anybody else?

  9. I think I’m lucky. Nothing changed for me.

    I do get the valentine update now. Going to the next friend seems to be easier. One question, how can I see if my friends are idle or active players?

    • If you go into your friends icon and touch on all your friends icon one at a time it will tell you when they last played if it says unknown then delete them as they are no longer playing, I have cleared quite a few tonight when I could get in at first, now bombed out with maintenance again, right pain, hope you can get in and delete players and put new players in OK

  10. It works well now and I already got all the stuff from the wheel… Plus the whale, building and Brady…. So now it’s already a bit boring again! And we need more land!

  11. Fed up with this server problem all my characters ready to collect and rest for overnight and can’t get in missing out big time now on money and Xperia to get more doughnuts, if this keeps happening I’m giving up playing.

  12. Mines been down since early last night won’t log on now at all just says synchronising and goes no further losing loads of cash, Xperia and hearts because of this, getting really fed up with the game now feel like deleting it if I can’t get in soon, come on sort it out

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