You Can Now Remove Friends In Game!

Bart Simpson Looking Cut Out


Along with a raft of bugs and other issues, this update now lets you remove your neighbours while in-game! Follow the steps below and you’ll be able to get rid of those inactive neighbours in no time!


  1. Open your neighbours screen by tapping on the picture of Bart and Milhouse
  2. Once you do that, click on the tab with Bart and Milhouse on it once again
  3. Scroll down to where it says neighbours, it should be about half way down
  4. Tap on the name of the neighbour you’d like to remove
  5. Then tap Unfriend in Origin


Your neighbour should now be removed and you can now accept more friend requests to fill up those spaces.


10 thoughts on “You Can Now Remove Friends In Game!

  1. While I don’t have anyone I can think of that I’d like to remove (unless Tapped Out Daily people get free space again :D), this is definitely a welcome addition for many people, I am sure.

  2. If I go to a town and there are no Valentines available, is it safe to assume they’re not playing, or is it possible that all have been taken. I don’t want to delete friends that are still playing.

  3. I got so excited when I saw this post ! I’ve been waiting for them to finally give us this option (since I don’t have a home computer this was especially great news). then every time I try to delete the non-players I get an error message that says NO. 😦

    • Keep with it. Sometimes it won’t allow you to take friends off or add new ones. However leave it a while then try again, frustrating I know. If it says your friends list is full but it’s not then delete the invites that have not joined you.
      I am vinwinkel and my mum is swcooke19337 we are addicts, if you play regularly please free to add us. 🙂

  4. Don’t remove me!! I can’t visit my friends for the valentines day event..getting the dreaded cannot connect screen..haven’t been able to visit them since the event started

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