How’s The Wheel Treating You?

After a few days, by now you’ll all have had a chance to have a few spins of the new “Wheel of Friendship”. So, how have you faired so far? I have about half the items on the wheel and I’ve also won a couple of things more than once. Let us know how you’re getting on below!


52 thoughts on “How’s The Wheel Treating You?

  1. Not getting on at all haven’t been able to get into my game for almost 24 hours now, getting well fed up with this, when are they going to sort it out, loosing money, xp, love hearts, etc, they really need to sort their game out, no wonder so many of my neighbours have stopped playing and now my new neighbours will be thinking I can’t be bothered to play as well so I may lose them also. Get it fixed soon please tell them.

    • Colin it’s because that person/ neighbor has not logged in and tapped on the characters to claim the card/hearts , thus not allowing you to be able to tap any characters. Hope this helps!

    • No. For the past two days I’ve been unable to collect 9-12 hearts from 3-4 of my neighbors. There are also 10-12 neighbors who must play just once a day because I’m having to check back quite often to tap 3 cards in their Springfields. Because of the way this event works once a day players make bad friends. I would hate to delete friends just because I can’t check my device as often as I need to tap 3 cards since they play only once a day. And the 3-4 friends who seem to be inactive just might be locked out of their games because of EA glitches, which is not their fault, deleting them seems unfair.

      • It’s folk I know are playing, they have rose bishes planted, so it must be they aren’t going in that often. (or can’t get in), thats a bit unfair on them

  2. Very disappointed in the update. I get some items several times, the items aren’t interesting at all and the whole gathering hears is too slow. Worst update ever.

    • I totally agree, this is not rewarding at all and more than 30% of my 70 neighbours are not having Valentine’s Cards to collect…
      More annoying, your Hearts number to collect per Card, drops from 5 /30 to 1/180, resulting in long time between spins….and than you get same rewards several times at least, so collecting all prizes on wheel is more difficult to achieve …
      Any suggestion to improve ?

  3. I have 3 gazebos. This sucks, they should have taken all items you have won off the wheel and replaced them with new things. Simpsons owes me 400 hearts.

  4. Would love to spin the wheel but have had no luck connecting to game in 16hrs! Keeps saying no server, completely annoyed now as I’m missing out

  5. not having any luck at all. cannot even get in the game….lets me log in for a few minutes and kicks me out. does not save anything I have done just keeps repeating the same thing over and over. please fix this update already

  6. There are some very serious issues with this update! For goodness sake get it sorted out before even more people get put off and stop playing!!

  7. I have been lucky enough to not be running into any of the level 38 problems others have with this new update. I only have one item left to win on the wheel(big water fountain) . I love the new update and this awesome website! Keep up the great work! Also could i add my user name here so people can add me?

  8. I’ve got about 60% of the items, so altogether, not too bad.
    Also @ Melissa, there’s a link on the left to Find Friends! where I believe it was requested to post any contact info for players so they don’t clutter up threads about stuff. 🙂

  9. I actually am enjoying the update, I have purchased brandine and shauna and I am really enjoying having mindy Simmons joining my Springfield, but the wheel has not been my friend. I have gotten that silly flower cart 5 times already, and the majority of the things on the wheel I haven’t got yet… But I’ll get them soon 😉

  10. How come then when my friend as just been on hers and by the way I am sitting next to her can I still can’t get my cards and it’s the same with the other 5 people that I no and ask them to clear there cards and they do it and same again .also why have I not received my race car and I have two accounts one is lavel 38 and other is level 18 plz can any boby help and no not received any of the notifications to say do this etc 😦

  11. Not getting on at all haven’t been able to get into my game for almost 24 hours now., getting well fed up with this, when are they going to sort it out, loosing money, xp, love hearts., etc, they really need to sort their game out., no wonder so many of my neighbours have stopped playing and now my new neighbours will be thinking I can’t be bothered to play as well so I may lose them also. Get it fixed soon please tell them..

  12. having massive problems game crashing every time i’m visiting freinds, wheel is just giving me the same three items, have to say this is the worse update Ea have done so far since i’ve been playing the game and also not alot really to buy without having to pay out for doughts hope the events arent as bad as this is so far waiting for them to fix it

  13. Last year u could choose what to buy for your hearts, better. Indeed,already got a lot of doubles, 3 fountains now, end of february maybe 20? Is it technically difficult perhaps to have more then 10 items on the wheel, so have a new item in the game once you ve won one? (Or is it inspiration lack?) Besides, the items are too silly, rose bushes are ok, put them in gardens, parks etc, but where you place all these pink fountains and gazabos?
    So, maybe better if you could buy items you want more of (lamp post, fences etc.) and win items on the wheel you want only one , fountain, train etc ?? (And of course only get once.)
    But must say though, motercycle Mindy is great ! ( but she not of on the wheel of course) . And again good game improvements like removing neighbours, clearer text, that’s nice.
    But the wheel, well ..😴.

  14. Amazingly I have gotten everything on the wheel and the tunnel of love. I’ve stopped spinning the wheel since I really don’t want a ton of fountains.

  15. I guess I’ve been extremely lucky as I have received everything on the wheel including the tunnel of love. Now trying to determine if I want to buy the two characters that are limited editions.

  16. I haven’t had the issues most of you have. I have found if you go 2-3 spaces behind the item you want and then spin the chances of getting it are pretty good. I just have one left to get.

  17. I got the last item on the wheel just this morning. Only 3 doubles. That was rather fast for EA. So many glitches had me expecting for the worst. Tunnel of Love is now in my Krustyland (no building time too which was another surprise)

  18. I must have been on of the *few* lucky ones.
    I spun the wheel and unlocked each decoration. Maybe 1 or 2 doubles. I got my Krustyland “Tunnel of Love” ride. This morning. 30 Neighbours, zero donuts for hearts used.
    I agree the update was pretty lame this year.

    One positive: The tunnel of love ride. Has zero build time. When you get it. It’s ready!

    Happy Valentines day.
    Origin: MartinJustin

  19. I have over 80 pieces of that stupid valentines fence. I need that stupid train! Very annoyed with this update. I find myself playing less and less. I probably used to tap say 4-5 times a day. As of the past 2 days I’ve only tapped twice. If they don’t fix this soon. I’m going to quit playing this game altogether without even completing my town.

  20. I have all the wheel items and the Tunnel of Love, which is pretty cool. I bought hearts with donuts as I could see it would take forever collecting through the valentine cards. Mind you I do need more friends/neighbors for these sharing events – so- PLEASE add me to your game, I play on a daily basis. Thanks. Interesting comments here.

  21. Add jjfliers256 deleted several friends now I’m low. Level38 daily player. Like the wheel hate getting same prizes over again. I think I’d rather have $.

  22. I’ve got all the items, the tunnel of love and multiples of all the wheel items. I’ve made a valentines park with all of it. But even then I’ve still got too many of most things. I wish there was a way for players to exchange items

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