Here Are The Odds Of Winning ‘The Wheel of Friendship’ Prizes


34 thoughts on “Here Are The Odds Of Winning ‘The Wheel of Friendship’ Prizes

  1. I have all prices within two days (including the Krustyland attraction).
    Truly: I’m done with this valentine, the pink gifts are not my ‘cup of tea’…

  2. Still trying to get the train and the balloons. I have a feeling that getting these two will be like trying to chase down that elusive abominable snowman from the Christmas update!

  3. I have gotten nine of the ten prizes and now the wheel is showing I only have two. The dark red hearts are gone that were there before. I’m frustrated at having to start over….and wondering if this might happen again.

  4. The division where first visits to neighbours earn 5 hearts going down to the last earn just 1 heart is a bit unlucky. As neighbours are in alphabetical order, and players are not really incited to go to whole end in the first place ( takes a lot time 100 neighbours) and since prices are not that hot either to take that trouble, the earns of the last visits make it even more improbable that players with names in the end of the alphabetical get many visitores. At least i dont. Got appr. 80 friends, visit them all, but see only a few back. Indeed, my name starts with W. As i am not hot on the prices either i dont care that much, but could EA please think of a solution for coming events ? Thx, Wil ( wg1501)

    • Every day I alternate the direction I go through friends for this exact reason.
      While it’s not perfect, it’s the best I could think of.

      • I did, but lost my complete game , my device couldnt t find me anymore or something, bit of a drama, whole Springfield gone. So i needed to change my name back . Wil

  5. I’ve got the flower cart 7 times, !!!!! 7 TIMES !!!!!!! It’s the most frustrating thing ever!!! I’m still missing the fountain the balloons and the train… Has anyone noticed that you can’t sell the flower cart or the birdbath?

  6. This event is garbage. I have, not kidding, 7 gazebos and 9 fences and nothing else from the wheel. One of my real-life friends can’t ever leave me cards, and I only ever have them from one person on my friend list (so, I only get 3/day). Works both ways – some of my friends I can literally never leave cards, even though I know they’re active and I check multiple times. This game has been downhill since Halloween ended. Premium items are too expensive and never go on sale or reduce in price over time, which is ridiculous. If you ever spend $100 on a video game (especially a mobile phone game), you should have the entire game – this one you’d still have plenty of premiums to buy. $20 nets you 2 character buildings and some junk – $20!!! They can’t release an update without breaking access for 35% of players. And now in this update, they give one new character, and aside from ugly decorations you’ll take down in 2 weeks, nothing else that isn’t Premium. Brandine with no building is 100 donuts… wtf. No global objectives/rewards. Everything is on the stupid wheel (which I hated during Christmas too). If it weren’t The Simpsons, it’d be gone.

  7. I am getting bored. I would say that a lot of EA games have gone downhill. Need for Speed used to be awesome but now it is disappointing.

  8. I’ve collected everything like two days ago…now im trying to get enough money to buy the giant magnifier, its the only money building i dont have.

  9. I have all the items this time and so including the Krustyland item, thats what is was all about ^^ no Claus & co but the Tunnel of Love instead YeeeeeeY 😛

  10. The train has the lowest probability? Huh?? It was the first thing I won, and also the first thing I won two of. And now I have a third one, thanks to it being the LAME Valentine’s day gift. I agree with most ppl in this comment thread.. This game is getting more and more boring as it becomes more and more obvious that EA views the players as cows to be milked over and over and over. To get all the premium stuff, you’d have to spend hundreds of dollars. Wtf is up with that?? For that much money you could get several REAL games for PC!

  11. I’m getting mad at the stupid wheel events too, I keep getting the stupid bird fountain, as if I need 7 of them, and you can’t even sell them. I’m still missing 4 items but can’t get the wheel to land on them. I didn’t mind the “collect the goo” type events, but having everything reduced to random chance is annoying. I missed the Yeti from the Christmas update because I got cash dozens and dozens of times. If this kind of crap keeps up I’ll be done with the game before long.

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