Up, Up And Buffet, Will You Be Buying It?


Up, Up And Buffet is available for a limited time only for 90 doughnuts. It’s a pretty cool object and I couldn’t resist buying it! But, will you buy it or pass it over for something else? Take our poll now!


9 thoughts on “Up, Up And Buffet, Will You Be Buying It?

  1. I want to know how much property Up, Up and Away needs. Severe growing pains plague me as I need more real estate, and boy doesn’t the old “supply and demand” phrase we all learned in our high school Civics classes apply here. Ooops, I am really giving away my age with that one. Do they even have Civics anymore in high school any more? So I have to vote NO.

  2. I would but I don’t have many doughnuts. It’s weird how so many people have doughnuts and some people don’t. Is there a secret or something??

    • I’ll splurge like once a month and buy the 300 pack.

      And I bought Up, Up and Buffet. Only 5 of my characters can do 10-hour tasks in it. But it’s still nice to have. I mainly got it because it said “limited time.” Yeah, I’m a sucker.

    • oh, there’s definitly a ‘secret’ out there. go to ebay and do a little searching. People charge like $5-$10 and they load your profile with donuts and money. By doing this i got 50,000 donuts and 10m cash. I bought and sold big items until the money was all gone so that there would still be a ‘game’ to play.

  3. Unless some people are spending hundreds of dollars for a phone app there are people who obvious use some sort of crack program to give unlimited money and donuts. Takes the fun out of the game.

  4. HELP ME! i just changed my username and now i can’t log in to my town anymore!
    do i have to wait a little bit before the change is complete and accepted or what has happened? I have played in my town everyday over a year and now im afraid everything is gone. help me!

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