Missing: A Krustyland Update

We really need a Krusyland update! I’m trying to redesign it now and it’s so hard to do it with such limited buildings and decorations. What would you like to see added, buildings or decorations? Sound off below!


19 thoughts on “Missing: A Krustyland Update

  1. I’d just like to be able to play the game right now, but would like more rides, it’s been boring up there for ages I just pop up,to collect tickets just incase they bring more stuff in

  2. It would be cool to have Krustyland as apart of the holiday updates. Being able to use the various decorations, not necessarily the ones that generate cash or the hearts.
    More tasks for sure no matter what the object is we have to build, I have been completely done with the tasks for a while now, and it makes me feel as though I’ve “beat” Krustyland in a sense.

  3. more rides that we as a player can play. and more of everything really. I’m finding it hard to fill all the space up. we need more levels aswell. once I reached 38 my interest in the game has decreased

  4. I would like more rides, more game tents, more people able to visit, and some decorations. A picnic table (both in krustyland and Springfield)

  5. I dont care for krustyland. Silly. Besides everytime i get on the bus the games shuts of. So, dont bother for me. But please go ahead for the amusement park lovers.

  6. An option for waterways (like in Springfield). A set of table and chairs (again, like in SF). And like everybody says, more rides.

  7. I would like to see them add waterways and covered bridges. and maybe even a water tube ride that follows the waterway you’ve created. IDK

  8. I’m four squares away from all the land in Krusty, by then I can arrange everything as I wanted,, but the last pieces of land are soow expensive, it takes weeks before you have them all !

  9. I’d like for some of the other assets to be used in KL. Like the floats for a krusty land parade, or the food vendor carts or some of the boardwalk restaurants to be able to be placed in KL.

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