Servers Down Once Again!

I’ve noticed that once again the servers are down. Also, I’ve noticed that its been down so many times in the that they are probably loosing players and tons of revenue. All I know for sure is that this getting real old, real fast!


8 thoughts on “Servers Down Once Again!

  1. I notice that it is usually down right around this time. I hadn’t had any issues for a few days but wondering if it is just because I’ve either been lucky or not trying at this time lately.

  2. Yes mines down again, been ok for a couple of nights but it is always in the evenings, so annoying can’t visit neighbours or anything, happening far too often, I will be loosing neighbours soon as they will be thinking I can’t be bothered

  3. I agree as well. I haven’t deleted any friends since they might be enduring the same problems. It seems to be a love /hate relationship with the game right now.

  4. I was 1 minute and 10 seconds away from doing my characters on 12 hour tasks cuz it was time to go to bed ( it was like 11pm in my country when it happend) im getting sick of all these maintenances.

  5. I’ve only been able to visit friends once during the valentines event..visited about half of them yesterday then got booted and couldn’t back in…

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