Well That Gift Sucks

Well today’s free gift kind of sucks. I was expecting something that you couldn’t win for free. There’s so much that they could have given us but didn’t. What would you have liked instead of a train?


24 thoughts on “Well That Gift Sucks

  1. I agree ! I was NOT expecting a wheel prize for my Valentine gift ! donuts, a premium character, something else entirely that is V-day related but not a wheel prize would have been great. I feel cheated & unloved.

  2. Anything would have been better than the train. A couple of donuts would have been nice; a premium character/decoration would have been great. I think it is especially annoying that the gift was so rubbish considering the servers keep going down and nothing seems to be done about it.

  3. Pathetic – is that all EA could think of? They appear to be running out of ideas. And why are there no community prizes foe the Valentine’s Day event?

  4. For those who liked it, you have very low expectations in life. This was a 100% turd gift. For the amount of time and effort put into this game, I’m really considering never tapping again. Seriously, the train? Egad. Terrible, just terrible.

  5. One thing i really did not want was the train 😝 ! It’s a joke, right ? Anything was better ( if it needed to be a wheel gift ( no, not very neat) a second lantern, a 3th bench, my 4 th fountain, the 5th kassieboo 🙂 or the 21th fence, but NOT the train ! It is like your grandma giving you a Hello Kitty purse at your 21th birthday. ( Wel, err… Thanks, gran…) . Sorry.
    But what than? Well, i dont know. It,s supposed to be surprise, isn’t? But if i could choose …..the whale ! 🌟

  6. I for one am glad that I got the train. I wasn’t here last year, and this year, the train is the ONLY thing that I had not gotten (not for lack of trying). I was screwed over Christmas with the stupid Krusty wheel, throwing 120 or so donuts at it, and still no Clausco.

    Either that or donuts with the option to spend donuts to buy the train.

    I know, I know… the real issue is the Krusty wheel and the diminishing returns on visiting friends’ Springfields… But whatever, I got my GD train.

  7. I was okay with the train since it at least offers a bonus multiplier, so now I’m earning 2.25% more than I was before. I actually had won this from the prize wheel already, so I’ve been able to increase my bonuses by 4.5% in the past 2 days without spending donuts. And, personally, I like the train design and am happy to have it as a decoration in my town. Whereas, if I win another “lovely fountain” I might go crazy! 😉 They’re so big and don’t really fit with the decor scheme elsewhere so I have 2 placed in my town and have 2 more in inventory. I wish these could be sold, traded, or exchanged – I would prefer to exchange one of those fountains for 2 hedges or something that I actually WANT for my town.

  8. Im ok with the train because i agree its not the best gift but they give us a prenium character from halloween so now we re fair EA

  9. The train happened to be my first win on the wheel, so admittedly, I was disappointed in EA’s choice of gift. However, I loved my reindeer at Christmas, despite already having purchased two with my hard-earned donuts; I had already been thinking about adding a third before the end, so the plus one was perfect.

  10. some ideas i would have liked
    – a dining tabel with parasol and candles to take Marge for a romantic outside diner
    – a (rowing or any ) boat for a romatic trip on the wate
    – a horse, romantic trip in the country side
    – a fancy open car/ convertible ”
    – a gas balloon, romantic balloon ride
    – a theater, take M to a show/play etc.
    – a shoe shop (need i explain ?)
    – a lady fashion shop
    – maybe a small whale ?

  11. I was disappointed with the train too. And I’m bored of this event. What kept me interested in the recent ones was the community prize. I got all the prizes on the wheel ages ago and now I’m ready for level 39.

  12. As this wasnt a community prize event there has been a waning interest in this game over the interim. Bored out of my mind ready to chuck the game as no levels to obtain and all the really good stuff you have to pay for. Donuts seem uncontainable. Meh!

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