Making Improvements




For quite some time now I’ve wanted to make some changes to this site and this week I’m going to do just that. I thought I’d take this opportunity, before I start to explain why I’m doing it and how you’ll be affected while these improvements are in the works.

I’ve decided to make these changes now because the site has become a little disorganised. You may have noticed that the link to all of the Christmas 2013 Event posts is still in the menu, so that will be moved somewhere else on the site. Also, some of the other pages on the site, such as episode tie-ins have not been updated in some time, it will be updated over the coming days as well the other pages on the site.

How will you be affected? Hopefully, you won’t be. I aim to keep the disruption to a minimum and any disruption to service will be announced in advance. We will still be keeping the same web address  all I will be changing is the content and how some of it will be accessed.

I’m hoping that all of the changes and improvements I have planned should take no more than TWO WEEKS. If you’d like to keep up to date on the changes, then please sign up for our email updates, follow us on twitter and like us on facebook. Every time a new change is put into action or something new is added, I will be posting about it to let you know.

I will continue regular posting during this time so you can still get all of the latest information on your favourite iOS or Android game! I hope you stay with us during these changes as I have some really big improvements planned that I think you’ll love.


One thought on “Making Improvements

  1. Hello, I am a web developer who specializes in wordpress and responsive development. I’d be happy to help you if you need anything, I love this blog and would be happy to give back in that small way.

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