My Krustyland


So, many of our readers will know that when I post spoilers, I get them from spAnser. He also runs a site whereby you can load up your Springfield and Krustyland to share it with people, so that’s what I’ve decided to do so all of you can see what I’ve been up to.

There is a couple of things to note first though:

  • The site is in BETA at the moment so it might take a few seconds to load
  • The pavement has not yet been rendered so you will not see it, but you should get the idea
  • Some of the decorations are a little off set due to incomplete rendering


When some more rendering is done, I’ll update the link and let you see it again. For those of you who might consider creating an account on that site, don’t worry your login details are completely safe and they are not stored on his servers.

I will post some proper photos once I finish improving the site.

Here’s the link: My Krustyland


3 thoughts on “My Krustyland

  1. What a great homepages your friend got… I just uploaded my town too! I really like your krustyland… A lot bigger then mine… I keep forgetting to collect tickets…!

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