Just Over 5 Days Remaining


There’s only about 5 days left until the Valentines Day event comes to and end. So, if you haven’t got all of the prizes yet, there isn’t much time left. All I have to say about that is…. About time! This event got boring the moment I got all of the prizes. What about you? How do you feel about this event coming to an end? Let us know guys!


23 thoughts on “Just Over 5 Days Remaining

  1. It was a cute update but i was bored as well. I also haye that my town seems to be glitching.when characters walj by objects it overshadows them: ( anyone else with this problem?

    • YES! Indeed this problem i have too, so annoying :C luckly to hear im not the only one with this problem, really hope its getting fixed because it makes me stop playing the game often… :C

    • Yes I have the same problem, characters disappear when walking past things,building over lapping , things seem to be floating, it’s becoming a pain in the **** to play this game.

  2. Agreed. Not that I wanted a hard quest but this one was pretty boring and I was able to get the tunnel of love so early that I have a collection of over 5000 useless hearts, since I refuse to keep spinning the wheel.

  3. I do like those heart balloons. I did cave and buy a big bunch of doughnuts so I could have the Valentine buildings I have been seeing. So that was exciting. 🙂 one year playing kinda cool. Ready for the green water!!

  4. This update has been horrible. I still don’t have the tunnel of love. 75% of the time I would try to visit a friend the app would completely crash. Who wants to play a game where you can only access it in the middle of the day? Both morning and evening for me cause it to crash. I’m willing to go through another update, but if I have similar results I’m done.

      • Same here! I want to see the Tunnel of Love but I get the fence or the heart balloons! Ugh!!!! And it crashes all the time, no matter what time I play the game. Boring and frustrating.

  5. A boring update and the lack of any community prizes has meant that quite a few people have stopped playing on a regular basis and are just leaving their towns alone. All of their characters are just walking around with no hearts to be gained, but neither is there any money or XP available either because EA only want people to collect hearts. So once you have all of the prizes what incentive is there? Truly boring!

  6. Not not the best, though i do now want more of those silly trains, made a silly-train parcours thing, so i could use a few extra😉
    And still better than those snakes ! No snakes this year plz ! 😡

  7. I enjoyed the update, and loved the temporary new additions, I think after Halloween and Christmas that a small update would be disappointing, but at least there were some new buildings and new decorations. I really hope we get a land explanation in the next update, and maybe some new stores, like the leftorium. What I would really like is some more squidport stuff, and something that will get the characters to use the squidport. Some new houses would be good too.

  8. I was over this game (V-Day) as of the day it started. Will I be able to trade I my remaining hearts for some donuts or a character? I don’t need six pink gazebos or pink fountains or fence pieces. It also makes me not want to go to any other Springfields because I don’t want anymore hearts. I’d rather take the money.

  9. This update was boring…I hope the new update comes with new levels I got 3 donuts 5 times now! Next is at 700000. Looking for more land too. No more room to build!

  10. I gave up after I was at 9 gazebos and I think about 12 fences (I have about 50 of them) and nothing else besides the train they gave away. After giving up I went about 6 days without a spin – when I got one from the random valentines my friends were randomly able to give me, I got my 10th gazebo… Worst update/event yet.

  11. one word…BORING said in Homer’s voice…….some of my friends towns NEVER had Valentines for me to click and I visited them often so no Valentines clicks for me I deleted you…sorry

    I wanted the tunnel of love but nothing yet….I wish we could have left love gifts in our friends towns like we did for christmas……but nope

    EA you are going to lose Simpson Tappers if you don’t give us something fun….how about Homers RV? or some sort of challenge

    EA I don’t buy anything with my earned donuts….never did, never will….who wants to pay $20 in real money for a donuts item like the whale??? what PAY EA for crap items in this game…….

    Anyhow I am close to stop playing and take this off all my portable devices, cell, tablet etc so EA you had better come up with something cool for me soon…..to do give me a reason to tap out and play this game!

  12. It has gotten boring. I’m waiting on new character and more land. The game has told me I’m over my limit of 4500 buildings and decorations.

  13. I love this app, valentines update has gone on long enough, I hate how you keep spinning the wheel and get everything multiple time and can’t trade them in. now the 25th and no new update yet. I’m getting bord just waiting for the new update. please give us something to keep us comming back.

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