Breaking Down Gil’s New Deal

Here’s an item by item breakdown of the new Gil deal.Then, you can decide if you want to buy it based on this information.

OK. So, Gil is charging you 200 doughnuts for Krustylu Studios, a cannon and Dr. Nick. Here’s the price for each item if bought separately. Note that you will not get this deal if you already have either Krustylu Studios or Dr. Nick.

Krustylu Studios (With Sideshow Mel) – 140 Doughnuts

Dr. Nick – 90 Doughnuts

Cannon – 20 Doughnuts

Total – 250 Doughnuts

Total Savings – 50 Doughnuts. Therefore, it is a good deal. Will you be taking Gil up on his offer or passing it up for something else? Let us know in the comments!


14 thoughts on “Breaking Down Gil’s New Deal

  1. Got all 3 items already but oki deal… But yet again I feel that this update/deal is more for newer players then high level players…!

  2. Lovely. I just bought studio and cannonIin the last few weeks. Sigh. Wraps up the Valentine’s perfectly. They could at least offer a substitute offer.

  3. Good thing I waited for a bit before buying Dr Nick and Krustylu Studios, definitely bought this package! Considering the savings of 50 donuts its a great bargain!

  4. This game is such a rip off. Think about it. Iv been playing for a year now and There is nothing to do! Just hurry up and wait. If it was not the simpsons then I would of stoped months ago. I use to love the game but its expensive. £13 for sumthing that u carnt even interact with. Apart from two extra people. Its not even a resonable price. Maybe 50p to a pound for premiums as they bring out so many each up date anyway! Far to greedy EA. would rarther by the old gta for 12quid and PLAY it rarther then watch. Oh and mine keeps crashing! Sorry to rant. I did love this game and im sure u guys still do. But iv hit the wall.

    • You’re not alone – the prices are outrageous. I was pointing out to a friend the other day that they offer a $100 doughnut package (I guess that’s like ~£70?) and you still couldn’t buy everything with that. Greed greed greed. I could buy 10-20 FULL games on Steam with that (and have access to EVERYTHING in those games). I have decided I’m not going to buy anything else in Tapped Out – my last and only doughnut purchase was in Sept (was a $20 purchase – I got Frinks Lab and Ottos Bus… $20, what was I thinking?).

      • wow… you guys need to step out of your diapers and into some big boy pants. This is a very common buisness model for android/IOS apps, i don’t know why people always try and call out EA. it’s not really a secret that a company would like to turn a profit. TSTO doesn’t have ads, so they need to get their money from somewhere. Grow up.

      • When EA doesn’t give players what they want for free, the player is frustraited. There are 3 types of player reactions:
        1) To ease their frustration they complain on forums threaten to stop playing the game. We call this type of player the “Spoiled Baby”
        2) To ease their frustration they shut their mouth and open their wallet. We call this type of player the “Must be High Roller”
        3) To ease the frustration, they drop $10 and buy 200,000+ donuts on ebay. We call this type of player the “Glorious Octabrainiums”

      • @bparker_859 I’m assuming that ‘mug’ means that i might get taken advatage of, which isn’t the case. My friend and i both did it about 6 months ago with no problems.

      • I never said anything about stuff needing to be free – I said the prices were outrageous. I have no problem with the free-to-play business model if it’s done correctly. As you said – we’re talking about an Android/iOS game… and a single-action/single-purpose one at that. So you think spending $100 and not getting everything this Android/iOS game has is acceptable? EA has to get their money from somewhere… HAH! You realize you just said that, right?! EA? This is a cash cow for them, not some desperate attempt to make sales numbers and keep afloat. Funny thing too – dude who made FlappyBird was raking in $50000/day in sales… App was $0.99. How much do you think EA is pulling in off this game? I’m sure they’re desperate and need to charge you that $20 for two characters. And I find it ironic that you’re “supporting” the business model and EAs method, yet then you turn around and admit to averting it yourself. You don’t think EA is ripping people off and “needs to make money”, but you won’t give them yours… You’d rather spend money on the game that DOESN’T go to the developer.

      • Here, I’ll slow it down a bit and make this easy for you. You don’t get it.
        People like you complain because they don’t get what they want and cry because it’s too expensive. EA sits back, smokes a cigar and sips on some whiskey because people like you actually spent $20+ on pixels. I win because I now get anything I want for $10.00 and I don’t care if EA ever sees a dime of that. It’s all wins for Octabrain,.. you however, it’s a different story.

  5. Hit the nail on the head alex., iv stopped playing now as I just ran out of enthusiasm and lets face a dissapoining gact. There is nothing to do. Shame reli!!!!

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