What has been your favorite part of Valentines

So with the valentines event coming to an end in just over a day it’s time to start looking back.

We want to know what has been your favorite part from this update, please let us know in the comment section below.


10 thoughts on “What has been your favorite part of Valentines

  1. The end. This has been a very boring update. It hasn’t held my interest so even though I’ve done all the quests. I’m just waiting for the end. Given up on getting last two items from wheel – cart and light. Not interested in buying any of the premium items from this update. Just wish they would stop valentines day and give me a new level instead.

  2. I do like the wheel and the chance to get items that increases XPs and Money, love them since I was able to snag 10 choo-choo trains (2.25×10 = 22.5%) and 6 HEART ponds (6×0.75= 4.5%), which is 27% increase for everything in one event! The new characters does not hurt either, overall thankful for the update because it does keep the game fresh even though the excitement of it all only last about 2-3 days.

  3. Was waiting for Shauna to come back for almost a year (started playing last year right after the valentines event). Also bought Brandine and really like her. Can’t wait to see the Spuckler brood 🙂

    The wheel items are somewhat annoying if you are just missing one or two things and the wheel gives you other worthless stuff over and over.

    Regarding the change on the friend towns I am somewhat ambivalent. On the one hand I like the idea that the bonus amount is reduced with the number of friend towns you visit. This way the time you need to spend is greatly reduced. On the other hand this leads to many players receiving a lot less visits than others. Since they changed the order of the friend towns to alphabetical sort, the towns starting with letters late in the alphabet are greatly disadvantaged, because players do not visit all of their friend towns for just 3 hearts per visit. They usually start with Springfield 2 and then hop from town to town until the bonus is too low to be worth continuing.

  4. I didn’t particularly enjoy the update and now my inventory is filled with fountains and fencing that don’t look right in any town!

  5. Mindy and her tasks (tan, motorcycle) , the benches, the balloons. At first liked the gazebo but since i got 6 of them i can no longer enjoy the sight of it. Wheel was worse than christmas, winning only money was dull, winning the same prices over and over again is kind of horrible. ( maybe a long term inventory to stack non used items ? The ice statues are also continuously in the way and now all these valentine things 😕..

  6. It just feels like a rip off the wheel spins and then you see it jerk into a set action that lands you on stuff you have got over and over and over again. Also not getting any bonus from friends that have not updated sucks as you have to go there to find out if they are in or not.

    not as good as Christmas or previous

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