What Would You Like To See Added With Level 39?

Eliza Simpson Detective

With the Valentines event coming to an end in the very near future, my attention has turned to  what EA might be planning to add for level 39. I would like to see Judge Harm and her houseboat added because I feel that she should have been added in with level 38 to round out the ‘legal’ theme of it all. I also think it’s time that they added new decorations, lots of them because the ones we have to use now are getting a little boring! I would also like to see sand or dirt tiles added because you can only use so much road and concrete!

I don’t expect any new content tomorrow, I think that if it where to come this week, that it would be either Wednesday or Thursday. I do however, hope to get new land, it’s badly needed at this stage!

What do you want to see added? Please, let us know in the comments section below!


37 thoughts on “What Would You Like To See Added With Level 39?

  1. Definitely new decorations. I have had to use a lot of the same ones over and over so some new ones would be great. I would love to see Maggie be added to the game – I think it is sad that she is the only Simpson left out!

  2. How about more new houses or businesses without having to purchase with donuts. I get money and can’t buy anything except trees, or 3,000,000 items… Thank you!!!!!

  3. More land. N to buy donuts with game money its ridiculous that we can’t buy donuts with game money but we can buy game money with donuts..

  4. Like your sugggestions, more decorations and small cobble stone roads, yes. Would also like more water, to build the porch vertical i.s.o. Horizontal. Maybe more cars ? (‘The VW at the krustylands parking lot 😊 and maybe things for outdoor sports, like soccers goals a.o.? And of course some buildings, we had not so much at valentines; small ones is okay😀.

  5. Would love to see Maggie as a playable character. How funny would that be?? Plus really wish the houses could face another direction. Definitely some new decorations that can be bought for cash.:-) I am about to buy the last 3 tiles of land!

  6. Finally got to level 38! I’m saving up donuts to buy premium items, but I am not willing to spend real money on the game.. So buying donuts with game money would be good!

  7. Buying donuts with game money. And, a way to collect money from houses without tapping every single one. And, it would be cool to be able to talk to other Springfields.

  8. Totally agree with all the above comments! Excellent ideas!

    How about making the decorations so they don’t take up such a large foot print. There were some in the Christmas update that we’re small, but they took a lot of space to place them, i.e. the valentine lamp post and heart balloons were much easier to place when there is such restrictions on land.

    Ability to purchase doughnuts with money earned in the game! YES!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

    Updates more often too!!!

  9. If there is another event, I would like to have the prize wheel “slices” disappear when you receive a certain number of that item (I have about ten big pink fountains). Have the remaining slices increase in size when the one disappears. 1/8 to 1/7, to 1/6, …
    Also, I really missed the Community prizes. I think those are fantastic. I wassurprised that there waas not a Valentines Day Set.
    As for Level 39, EA will NEVER sell donuts for in game $. This is the only way that they get their money from for producing this game.
    I would love to see Maggie steal back the pacifiers, and some new restaurants. Something I always wanted from this game, that people are only allowed to walk on sidewalks or streets. I visit so many town that people don’t have any roads, to save space. They have 500 buildings completely crammed together, with no room in between them. I like when the towns have a nice feel to them, not 50 stop signs planted right next to each other to raise a conform-o-meter rating.

  10. Love all the ideas above! How about the visiting of neighbors timer gets re set at midnight? I have time to visit daily but not same time each day, if my visit is timed for evening but my free time is morning I miss out for the day!
    How about the ability to see springfield ‘after dark’?
    Just a thought. ..

  11. I’d like to see Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure. They are my favorite side characters from the show. I would also like to see something that has to do with Shelbyville like a daily game where we can attack Shelbyville and get prizes such as cash buildings and maybe even doughnuts.

  12. A donut tree that can grow donuts on Cletus’ farm would be awesome.
    Definitely need more plants and decorations for the town. Dirt and cobble paths would be great.
    Need more playable characters
    Grandma Bouvier
    Miss Hoover, Dewey Largo the music teacher & Coach Krupt
    Sarah Wiggum, Mrs. Quimby, Helen Lovejoy & Bernice Hibbert
    Maggie should be playable!
    Springfield needs a daycare and should come with characters like Baby Gerald and Ling
    The Quimby mansion
    The pink Malibu Stacy mansion
    Springfield country club

  13. a donut tree is spot on alaina !!!! the wives club should come in , we have the husbands..(bernice, helen, sarah, martha quimby..etc) other teachers for the school ?….we have judge harms boat, what about her ? more purchaseables instead of over priced donuts stuff….or LOWER the donut prices so we want to buy them !!

  14. Make side show Bob playable, Would love to see all the failed attempts to Kill Bart or make him run for Mayor. Even add this brother so we can springfield dam included.

  15. You know what would be nice in tapped out? The ability to turn the mountains in the north into a ski resort. With a ski lodge, a half pipe where bart, jimbo & dolph can snowboard and of course flanders in his ski outfit.

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