New Social Event On The Way!






I posted these spoilers on the forums but here they are again for those of you who do not want to join the forums. Please do not click continue if you don’t want to know! All info obtained from spAnser.





Here they are!

This event appears to be a permanent addition to the game.

Visit your friends and perform friend actions.

Visit your friends every day. You’ll look like a good neighbor AND you’ll be earning Friend Points!

Collect Friend Points to unlock exclusive prizes and increase your cash rewards from friend actions!

Collecting Friend Points appears to be identical to collecting hearts.
Between 0-30 actions you get 10 Friend Points
Between 30-60 actions you get 5 Friend Points
Between 60-90 actions you get 4 Friend Points
Between 60-120 actions you get 2 Friend Points
Between 120-300 actions you get 1 Friend Points

Friend points are cleared each level

Friendship Level 1

Collect 1,000 
Friend Actions earn $20
Olmec Head

Friendship Level 2

Collect 2,000 
Friend Actions earn $22
Singing Sirloin

Friendship Level 3

Collect 1,000 Friend Points
Friend Actions earn $24
Snowball II

Friendship Level 4

Collect 2,000 
Friend Actions earn $26
Homer’s Car

Friendship Level 5

Collect 5,000 
Friend Actions earn $28

Friendship Level 6

Friend Actions earn $90
Krustyland Actions Earn 5 instead of 3 ?
You’ve reached the maximum number of Friend Points. More prizes coming soon!
In the meantime, you’ll earn TRIPLE the money from your Friend Interactions. Cha-ching!

Snowball II

Get it? The first cat was white.



*stamp* *stamp* *stamp*


Carry Bart
Time: 12 h
Reward: 840 200
Redecorate the Simpson Home
Time: 24 h




11 thoughts on “New Social Event On The Way!

  1. Still no update for me (east coast 4:50 pm) if you go to the friends section of this site and post your name you will probably get a ton. I did it a few weeks ago and got about 25 new ones. I haven’t reached my 100 mark yet but delete those who haven’t played especially with the valentines. It was a waste to go to their town if they play once a week.

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