When Will This ‘Event’ End?

As this is called the ‘Social Currency Event’ you’d probably be correct in thinking that it must have an end date, it is an event after all! Well in this case, you’d be wrong, even though it’s an event, and it has all the hallmarks of an event, such as a special currency and prizes that can only be won using that currency. But, it appears that it is a permanent addition to the game! But remember, nothing is ever certain with EA at the controls (Valentines ended a day late) after all!


10 thoughts on “When Will This ‘Event’ End?

  1. When will it start? My game is still showing valentines. I even went to my google play store and no update was posted. Any suggestions? ?

  2. also try to open from the play store so one thing and then close and go to the play store again. That has been the way I have gotten the past 3 updates.

  3. I played the game and it downloaded the updates. 4-5 hours later it wouldn’t load my town even though I was logging in. Friends say my town is still there so I uninstalled the game. Now I am not able to reinstall the game from the play store. It says that it will install shortly but nothing is even attempting to install and it is only doing that with tapped out. I have purchased donuts several times. I have put money into this game and I am beyond upset that it is not working. Somebody please help me with this. I’m going through tapped out withdraw!

  4. Got it went to a neighbors town that was updated and it finally made me update. So weird even the uninstall reinstall didn’t work this time. Still wanna see Maggie!!! 🙂

  5. When you tap on freinds stuff sometimes, is anyone else seeing something flash up on the screen for a split second? Might be my imagination, but it looks sort of like a donut. Can’t figure it out.

    • I’ve no idea yet. Can never get a good enough look at it. I think it shows up more often when spraypainting, but not totally sure.

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