Be A Good Neighbour – Spray Paint Those Buildings!


As you might recall, yesterday I told you how to earn ‘Friendship Points’, but it seems that I’ve missed out on one! A couple of our loyal readers have informed me that if a someone spray paints one of your buildings while they’re visiting, then you too will collect some points! However, if they are tapping to collect from buildings or reviving crops while they visit you, you will not earn you any points! It’s just EA’s way of saying if you want the prizes, you’re going to have to work for it!


8 thoughts on “Be A Good Neighbour – Spray Paint Those Buildings!

  1. I had wondered why I was only getting the points sometimes in my town.
    I’ll definitely be on the lookout for spray paintable buildings when my daily counter resets. Thanks!

  2. Is this accurate, because I have gotten random FP points from collecting on just regular brown houses and pink houses in my own town that a neighbor has tapped. And just like the the valentines event once those buildings have been tapped by other neighbors, that building will become untappable unless collected, which is crucial to have active players as neighbors!!!

  3. when i spray paint buildings sometimes i see a pink thing (i think a donut) show up at the bottom of the screen for like half a second or less.
    does any1 know what this is?

    add me 😉 dutchorigins

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