Friends, Now The Most Important Part Of The Game

Couch Gag


Remember when your neighbours only visited you during big events to get all the prizes and then stop once they got them? You do? Good! Well that’s all set to change do in large part to yesterdays App Store update. Now, having and visit 100 neighbours is the only way to get your tapping fingers on the six exclusive prizes I told you about yesterday. I for one have noticed that almost all of my neighbours have visited my town since the update went live. What about you? Have you noticed an uptake in the number of visitors to your little slice of Springfield? Do let us know!

If you’re in the market for some new neighbours, then please visit our ‘Find Friends‘ page and you’ll have 100 neighbours in no time!


6 thoughts on “Friends, Now The Most Important Part Of The Game

  1. Yes I’ve definitely noticed more friends visiting now, which like you said is a good thing? BTW does anybody know if squidport stacking still works??

  2. cshaag74, you can ‘un-friend’ your neighbours in the friends tab, just look at the list of names and ditch those who don’t play/visit.

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