Now There’s A New Way To Earn Doughnuts!




As part of the most recent update, there’s a new way to earn some free doughnuts. As part of the new ‘Friend Points’ system, once you reach the maximum level (which is currently level 6) you will have a chance of winning a doughnut when tapping on neighbours buildings. But, this will not happen until you reach the MAX level. EA really are upping their game with this latest update!


8 thoughts on “Now There’s A New Way To Earn Doughnuts!

  1. I still find it fast to grind a Lvl for free doughnuts but using in game cash to buy ( then sell again ) charmers _odna it makes me 1600+ exp for 7500$ , and considering I make about 100-150k per day ( when I’m not trying ) that will give me about 20000 exp (100000/7500= 13 *1600) and this dose not include exp from missions or buildings …. Also I don’t have half my map fill with blue or white houses , just enough to make sure I can get any new building within a day or two of a update

  2. Ever since the friends update I cannot visit my any of my other Springfield towns. How am I supposed to receive any of the prizes and benefits of this new update??? Plz fix!!!

  3. if u save up all the hazardous stuff and trash that homer/lisa clean up.. every 10 or so u do in a row will give u 5 doughnuts. i got 25 doughnuts massing them all in one area then sending homer and lisa to clean it.

  4. has anyone tried it?? how many donuts you can get per day more or less?? (Im still on level 5)…
    I wouldn’t like to buy them with real money or hack the game to get unlimited donuts/money… it makes no sense.. that’s just the point of the game; wait for tasks..earn money…buy buildings and decorations… improve the city…. That’s why I love this game!

  5. I’ve been at level 6 for a few days now, and when clicking on neighbour’s building I saw a donut appear in lower right corner of my screen, and next to it out said “downloading”. However, when I returned to my own town I hadn’t received a donut. Anyone else noticing how this works?

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