What Other Prizes Could EA Give Us For Friend Points?

the simpsons movie sequel


As you know, there are currently only 5 friend point prizes available. To me, it seems like a good way for EA to give us content that wouldn’t necessarily fit in with the ‘theme’ of any of their updates. For example, the Olmec Head sat unused in the files for months before it was finally made available through this! I think that this might be a good way to reintroduce limited time content such as items from past episode tie-ins, content related to the movie or they could introduced ‘simpsonized’ versions of their most famous guest stars. What do you think they could add? Please share it below!


16 thoughts on “What Other Prizes Could EA Give Us For Friend Points?

  1. Simpsonize ALL THE PAST limited skins/outfits and other buildings such as the Barney duff blimp, FruitBatman, etc etc sounds good dont it?

  2. Yes ofc that was never an exception. I’ve always wanted to add the Mayan god, Mayan calendar, subatomic building, mapple building, toxic waste barrel, frink’s robot dog (I missed out on this one much like the FruitBatman and wrestling Abe Simpson, and the ad board with it, but it’s ALL IN GOOD FUN. Jus sayin would be nice to have em.

  3. Pleeeeeeeease… Spider Pig! And Fruit Bat Man along with the Bat Signal (so envious when I see it in others’ towns).

    How about a “The Collector” skin for Comic Book Guy? Or Jacqueline Bouvier? Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon? Duff McShark? Disgruntled Goat for Krustyland?

    Sideshow Bob with Sideshow Cecil (my all-time favorite characters in the entire series)!!

  4. Would love the mapple house!!! Darn iPhones! And Maggie! !!!! I feel we should start a Maggie chant already….. we want Maggie we want Maggie we want Maggie

  5. It would be nice if EA had a store set up that you could buy items with Friends Points. Have old items and new. items from previous events that some of us missed, but new items that people who had been playing for a while could also get.

    • Friend pts, they will keep on with new prizes however I doubt if any of them would be past-oriented items. Perhaps the idea of having a store where u could buy items from the past with premium donuts is a great idea!!

      Tho it sucks that we have to pay for it in donuts… EA should create more ways for gamers to collect donuts often and that would gain more popularity… That’s just my opinion.

      Happy Tapping!

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