Tapped Out Finally Getting Some Competition – From Another FOX Show!

Family Guy Game: BETA - screenshot thumbnail

Tapped Out is finally set to have some competition in the coming weeks as FOX looks set to release a new game based on another one of its popular shows. FOX, in partnership with TinyCo and Fuzzy door have announced that cartoon comedy Family Guy is to release a new game on iOS and Android.

Currently, the game is available on BETA for android in Sweden and Norway ONLY. No BETA version is available for iOS because Apple does not list apps that are still in BETA because of bugs and possible security flaws. Switching the default country on your device will NOT enable the game to work in your location. You will have to wait for the full worldwide release!

Details on the game are few and far between at the moment but I will let you know when more info is available!

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce a new website that has been created specifically for the new family guy game – Family Guy The Game (original, I know!). It’s still under construction so bear with me while I get it together! Don’t worry though, posting and redesigning here will not be affected by this new site!

Here’s the link: http://www.familyguythegame.wordpress.com/


9 thoughts on “Tapped Out Finally Getting Some Competition – From Another FOX Show!

    • In a way both yes and no. Yes that there is level progression, regular updates and missions and no in a sense that each character can level up individually and along with the regular missions there will be one “over arching” storyline that will play out over months after the game is released worldwide that will be based on the shows 212 episode catalogue.

  1. Yes!!! Family guy !!! can’t wait to see Stewey vs Putin as ipad app
    hahaha! Would love to hear some music as well, just as on tv.

  2. Awww your hyperlink isnt working lol looks as if I’ll have to manually enter the address. Life is so hard sometimes lol

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