Could A St. Patrick’s Day Update Be On The Way?


If the dialogue from the latest episode tie-in is to be taken at face value, then I believe that we will have a St. Patrick’s Day Update by early next week. Here’s the dialogue between Lisa and Homer. The important line is highlighted in red for your convenience.


Lisa: Ugh, I hate March. There’s nothing at the Farmer’s Market except fried dough and figurines carved from last year’s gourds.
Homer: Cheer up. “March Madness” is coming, by which I mean my behaviour on St. Patrick’s Day.
Lisa: Is it so much to ask to have fresh, locally sourced vegetable in the middle of winter?
Homer: Yes. Yes, I’d say it is so much to ask.
Lisa: Well, I don’t care. I’m going to keep loudly and annoyingly demanding what I want until I get it.
Homer: You are wise in the ways of parental manipulation. I’ll go see if Cletus has any of these… uh… what are they called again?
Lisa: Vegetables?
Homer: Eew! Yeah, those.


Do you think that this is a sign of things to come? If so, when do you think it will make an appearance? I think it will be either Monday or Tuesday after the current episode tie-in update ends. Do feel free to share your predictions with us!


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