Is Freedom Worth It?


A list of pros and cons to help you decide is below!


  • Completes the ‘More Animals and Pets’ character set
  • Adds a bit of variety to your town
  • It’s a limited time item



  • It has no tasks
  • It contributes nothing to your town
  • You can save up and buy better stuff with your doughnuts. A St. Patrick’s Day event could be on the way with much better stuff
  • He’s small and difficult to find


Will you be buying Freedom? If so, please share why!


5 thoughts on “Is Freedom Worth It?

  1. I bought freedom. I only wish he would at least fly around on his own! Lesson learned to wait for pros and cons from you before I spend donuts! (Off topic but speaking of donuts my weekly mystery box contained ten donuts! Finally something other than a tree!)

  2. For the donuts piggies, it’s worth it.

    For the donut needy, it’s not worth it just like the whale isn’t worth it.

    U loooooooooove eagles, then just get one…

  3. I got freedom not realising it didn’t do anything. A lesson in checking the info before spending my precious donuts.

  4. again why BUY DONUTS……..we should earn the bird send Bart on a million tasks…okay like he has to do 20 things in order and he gets the birdy………BUYING DONUTS???? are you nuts?

    Almost as dumb as Homer buying that wreck of a rv/camper hehehehe…

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