When Was The Last Time We Received A Level Update?



As I’m sure you’ve noticed, it’s been a long time since we last received a new level update. But do you remember when that level update was? I’ll tell you when, January 16th! That’s right, it’s been almost TWO MONTHS since our last new level! So that means we’re well overdue one and hopefully we won’t have to wait all that much longer. Maybe we’ll get a new level the same time as a St. Patrick’s Day update. I’m almost certain that that’s what happened last year. What are your thoughts on this? Fell free to vent your frustration (or relief) in the comments below!


13 thoughts on “When Was The Last Time We Received A Level Update?

    • I do think it’s the longest they’ve gone!

      There were no community prizes last year for St. Patrick’s Day. Halloween 2013 was the first event to feature a community prize system.

  1. This really has been frustrating. Just seem to be going through the motions at the moment. I wonder if EA has decided to put their energy into other games?

  2. I’m at level 38, I keep getting level up, so they call it where you have to choose between 1 to 3 donuts, why do they call that level up when I’m still at level 38? I find it boring enough having to wait 24 hours for the characters to finish there jobs now we gotta wait for updates. Very frustrating, I might end up giving up on this soon.

  3. I agree, there should be more level updates, but I like getting more Donuts. And as long as they keep on creating missions with the characters, then it’s good for now.

  4. I know I know…I am so bored with the game too…just took it off two of my devices so only now on cell phone and EA tick tock tick tock give us something good to complain about…..

    I just finished filling up my XP points it was like 290000 er something like that…and i got 3 crappy donuts what am I do to with 3 donuts…

    Also if I visit your town and I have to spend more than 5 seconds looking for $ to click or spray paint can…..I AM DELETING YOU….some towns have no S$ to click EVER….whats up with that…so I deleted you….I do not have the time or patience to collect $25-75 dollars from each town PLUS FP FRIENDSHIP POINTS….I hate the prizes…..
    and I got the dumb new bldg and had to wait while it built EVEN THOU I WON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    EA I wont spend a nickel on this game and locked out my password on purpose so I don’t mistakenly click and buy donuts…who buys donuts WHY WOULD YOU BUY DONUTS???????

    If I cannot win the item or get it by doing tasks, then I do not need it….
    besides how much can you do with the town?
    Build it on the plains…..or up by the mountains or down by the beach

    BOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRINNNNNNNNGGGG as homer would say….why are there NO CARS ON THE ROADS…why build them?
    having a road or NOT having a road makes NO DIFFERENCE on your citys greatness…..ugly grey roads….eww,,,I am going to delete
    all my crappy bldgs and just build a little town with water canals…..
    surround the city from EA (the $ zombies) hehehehehe……

    Also one dumb tip…..instead of looking and chasing around the red haired freak……..if you are in the collection mode and clicking friend after friend after friend pointlessly to collect money…….if it says red clowny guy is nearby or spotted, click back on the the town before
    and then back to the town you are looking for……IT will take you right to sideshow red head doofus…….and you will not have to search for him.

    Also I like people to put in their names of their cities or something cute or funny……don’t get banned……….you can spell out almost anything in bushes, water (free) needs lots of space to ‘draw’ out the letters…..or you use those tiny $25 each bushes……..

    I also gave my boring city a GMO free FARM and I WON’T GROW THOSE GMO Podadoes or whatever they are called…..how about growing some weed or sunflowers or something…….for the last update I was 3 days away from collecting on growing corn for 90 days and
    the update took it away and I was __rewed…..so I lost all that money buying to plant the corn and waiting to collect my reward from the dum corn growing (NEVER AGAIN)..

    updates………watch the show…..the annoying sales guy buy some Gus donuts…..or Gil whatever his name is….

    I am so tempted to just delete this game once and for all…..
    I’d give away stuff and money and bldgs if I could to my buds….

    This game is just not fun anymore……CHRISTMAS was the best
    being able to LEAVE gifts for your friends to find was the BEST THING..

    You should get the option when playing NOT TO UPDATE….
    hence me losing $ from growing the corn and getting updated 3 days before collection…..waiting 87 days to get $ unheard of…but I accidently cllicked grow corn and figured why not…? NOT WORTH IT..

    Okay I am off my Simpson Slippery SOAPBOX……..sorry I am a fan
    but I want something else to do……this game has many many great atttributes but missing so much more…….

    I won’t read responses or read what others say about my complaint…so go ahead moan about my comments and whining but you know I am right……..the game sucks

    Thank goodness for this great site to keep us in the loop…because the game doesn’t

    Thanks all


  5. I can handle no new update . I tend to be patient. I can handle the fact E.A. doesn’t seem as devoted to making fans happy what i cannot handle is the fact my game glitches . All my characters walk behind everything! I have written to E.A. after having my case closed (well in the process of completing the task they asked me to do) and re opening it . They sent me somewhere else so that their “development group” could hear of the problem. So i have to go to them? Isnt that E.A’s job? I have boycotted buying doughnuts till they remove their heads from their arses. I used to play all the time. Now i dont but i would if my glitch was taken care of,

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