There’s A Sweet Treat On The Way From EA!


There’s a sweet treat coming our way this St. Patrick’s Day courtesy of EA, click blow to find out what it is!

So, if you login on St. Patrick’s Day, which is this Monday, March 17th for those of you who don’t know, you’ll be given a sweet reward from EA. That reward?


The luck of the Irish is well and truly upon this St. Patrick’s Day!


4 thoughts on “There’s A Sweet Treat On The Way From EA!

  1. Wow So that means that the Sham rock cafe/bar only cost 115 donuts…! What a bargain ;0) but it’s still nice with a new building… But I still think they cost to much

  2. I agree, I do not buy donuts because I look at the price of the buildings and characters and it is not worth it for me to spend over a hundred dollars for this game. It is fun but not worth that much. I dont even spend that much on PS3 games.

  3. I completely agree. if there was only 1 thing I could change about this game, it would be to lower the cost of donuts. If you think about it, to buy a building that costs 150 donuts, and I purchaed 300 donuts for $20, then I just spent $10 on a building in a game. A building! How much money must someone spend to have EVERY Premium item? The game is free to download, that’s great. It’s the donuts that we buy where EA makes their money. I understand, that, too. I believe, though, that if EA were to lower the cost of donuts, more people would buy them. Do you what the best selling fund raiser sellers are? Chocolate bars. People are hesitant to spend $20 or $30 a pop on things, but we all have a dollar here, a dollar there. We are more likely to spend $5 a pop on several different items, rather than $10 or $20 at a time. I don’t buy the premiums because I feel it is too much to spend on something that I will get nothing back from in the “real” world. MEA needs to understand that making SOME money, to build fictional buildings and characters, is better than making NO money.

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