Could Something BIG Be On The Way?

It’s now been just over two whole months since our last level update and a month since our last substantial update. This is kind of leading me to believe that EA might have something big up their sleeve.

But why wait so long? I think it has to do with the upcoming Family Guy game I told you about a while back. EA are not developing this game, TinyCo are, so EA will not be able to plan Tapped Out updates around the Family Guy game. I think that once TinyCo either announce the release date or upon releasing the game for worldwide download, EA could release a massive update to ensure that people will want to continue playing this game after that one launches.

But what could be included? Well, let the speculation begin!

  • New Level – a new level is well overdue so they may include more than one to make players want to continue playing
  • Squidport – A Squidport expansion is also due with no new dedicated content being made available since it first became available last summer
  • Krustyland – A major overhaul of Krustyland is badly needed. There’s not many decorations, buildings or rides to choose from, not to mention the land area available is tiny. This could be a good time to fix this
  • Event – With the Family Guy game rumoured to be releasing next month, it would be a perfect time for EA to release a massive event. After all, it was April last year when Whacking Day went live

Of course this is all just speculation and it could turn out that none of this will happen, but what are your thoughts on this? Please let us know below!


8 thoughts on “Could Something BIG Be On The Way?

  1. I belive everything you said is spot on but since it was kinda hinted at I think we are also looking at land expansion. Its desperately needed to keep peeps interested.

  2. I know this is a little off topic but what’s the deal with the squidport tiles? 3.5 days to make one little virtual square?!?! It seems unnecessarily long to me. If they carry on like this it’ll end up taking a week to make one wee tile. Frustratingly slow!!!!!!

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