What Happens When I Reach The Decorations ‘Limit’?


Did you know that Tapped Out has a decoration limit? Well, it does! The current decoration limit is unclear with multiple sources putting it at different numbers. I myself received the warning yesterday and I think it said something like 6000, but it is also reported that some people received the message at 4000 items and everything in between.

But what does this ‘limit’ actually do? What effect does it have on your Springfield? Well, it doesn’t actually do anything, once you reach the limit you just get a warning. The warning just says that you’ve gone over the decoration limit, which DOES include buildings and that if you continue to have that many things in your town it could cause your game to lag and/or crash. Nothing major really.

This ‘limit’ is nothing new, it was first introduced during Whacking Day 2013. At the time the decoration limit was only 3000 items and if you were over that limit you would not be allowed continue with regular game play, like missions, until you stored enough stuff to bring you under the limit. This was presumably put in place because of all the snakes and snake eggs. It caused huge server issues at the time. Long time players were angered by this because they had basically had to destroy their town to play. After Whacking Day ended, the limit was raised and eventually players were no longer forced to store their stuff in order to play.


One thought on “What Happens When I Reach The Decorations ‘Limit’?

  1. Hello Tapped out lovers,

    Going off topic:

    Just caught the Simpsons re-run on Fox which was a parody for the “inception” movie.

    What caught my eye was when in homer’s dream in the land of Duff,
    There was a WICKED HOMER WILD RIDE ROLLERCOASTER and I was like, why isn’t that in the krustyland collection!?

    It looked like krustyland worthy. Bar none! Do u agree? Holla!

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