REPOST: How Do I Get The Jebediah Springfield Statue?

I posted this back in August last year but since then many more players have started playing so I figured it would be a good time to post it again!

So you’re a new player and you see a nice Jebediah Springfield statue in your neighbours town and you want it. But, you search the shop for it and can’t seem to find it anywhere. Don’t worry though, it’s not a purchasable object, so follow the steps below and he’ll be on display in your town in no time!

You need to make sure Homer is available for this:

  • Put Homer on an easy outdoor task, playing with his My Pad is probably the easiest.
  • While Homer is on his My Pad, you need to tap Homer 10 times, quickly.

Homer should laugh and tell you to stop, but keep going. If his task screen comes up, ignore it and keep going!

  • Tap until you see the Jebediah Statue icon pop up:

TSTOjeb statue box
As an added bonus you’ll also get 10 FREE doughnuts! A nice little hidden bonus from the master minds at EA! Once you’ve tapped OK,  it’s in your inventory!


4 thoughts on “REPOST: How Do I Get The Jebediah Springfield Statue?

  1. i just started (level 6 now) and i tried this. however nothing happend. yet i saw my friend do it the exact same way i did it and get the statue +10 donuts. do i have to be a certain level to get this? or was this an event?
    also add dutchemblem pls. like i said im only level 6 but that will change soon 🙂

    • No you can do it at any level. You probably just missed a tap and didn’t notice it because you have to tap really fast. It helps to have the sound on while you’re doing it because you should be able to tell if you accidentally tapped something else by mistake.

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