Who Kicks Off Level 39?

Level 39 is finally upon us! It brought with it lots of goodies, but they’ll all be laid out in different posts. Right now I just wanted to let you know that Dolph starts off the level 39 quests and the first mission is to build Sanjays house, it takes 24 hours.. It’s kind of odd that Dolph starts us off considering which characters we got this time around! Anyway more to come!


3 thoughts on “Who Kicks Off Level 39?

  1. Wondering if anyone knows if the house size is normal size – like the Simpsons, Flanders, Skinner, etc – or like the McBain and Burns mansions? It looks kinda large in the preview screen. I ask because I have all my characters in quests now and need to figure out where to put it in my layout.


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