Looking Back To Look Forward


I thought that I’d put up a post with the dates of the updates we got last April and then use those to guess the release date of stuff this year. You can see every date the game was updated on our new Contents Update page now! Remember though, this is all just speculation until something actually happens!


Last April

April 8 2013 – Episode Tie-in, ”What Animated Women Want”

April 10 2013 – Whacking Day 2013 (Limited Time Event)

April 19 2013 – Level 28


Speculation For April 2014

April 8/9 – Episode Tie-in, ”Luca$” – That would put this update on a Tuesday/Wednesday

April 10/11 – Possible Whacking Day or some other event

April 17/24 – Level 40


Remember, this is all just guesses and none, some or all of this could happen.If it doesn’t, don’t hold it against me 😛



4 thoughts on “Looking Back To Look Forward

  1. Whacking day? Yes or something similar. Episode tie-in? Possibly if they have something to promote. Level 40? No. If you bought premium takes a long time to complete 39. Same characters can overlap with long tasks 3d 2d etc.

  2. Ps. Whacking day was my first event. I really enjoyed it but was new to game &had only 1 friend so didn’t get much stuff. Didn’t understand importance of friends! Now got 90 ish through this site +1 other (thanks) keep having to find new ones though as they ask for friends then don’t play (*****) I give them 2 weeks for a holiday then delete &try again with someone new pi***s me of though.

  3. Whacking day was fun but this year I think I would prefer an Easter event. Either way, an update with LAND is a MUST!!!

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