What Are The Odds Of Winning Something Good From A Mystery Box?

It’s not really that high at all! Believe it or not, the item that you’re more likely to win from a mystery box is, a mystery box! Here are the odds of winning all of the available prizes that the mystery box can give you.

Object Chances
Mystery Box 10.983%
Lemon Tree / Cash.png250 10%
Parking Lot 10%
Brown Fence 10%
Tree 10%
Large Hedge 10%
Newspaper Dispenser 10%
Picket Fence 4%
Gazebo 4%
Angel Topiary 4%
Cash.png500 4%
Bench with towel (Premium) 4%
Cash.png1,000 4%
Donut Tapped Out.png10 2%
Squeaky Voice Teen / Donut Tapped Out.png30 2%
Homer Buddha 1%
Cash.png2,500 0.01%
Donut Tapped Out.png30 0.004%
Tire Fire / Donut Tapped Out.png40 0.002%
Lard Lad Doughnuts 0.001%

10 thoughts on “What Are The Odds Of Winning Something Good From A Mystery Box?

  1. When I first started playing I used to get some good stuff, the first premium box I had I got the lemon tree, I had about 5 gazebos and some white picket fence. The I got Squeaky voiced teen, and 30 doughnuts (twice)! (This was all in the space of about 3 months). Now though I’m being punished for my good fortune, every box I’ve had for the past two months has held either a parking lot of the brown fence haha…

    • We’ll you can get the lemon tree 1’s and it’s a 10% chance and after you get the good prizes you end up getting the rubbish ones like car parks

  2. Would be nice if I got anything good. I have never got donuts, most the time I get parking lot pice. I have been playing everyday for almost a year. And when I get a parking lot pice I get pissed. That should update the box it’s for playing every day and u think ea would want to reward you for playing not piss you off.

  3. I get the premium bench 20-25% of the time. I also get a lot of the premium white picket fence. I got 30 donuts at Christmas plus another bunch of donuts for Side Show You and I was able to buy Hans Moleman 🙂

  4. Squeaky Voice Teen isn’t the only premium character you can get from a mystery box. Several of my neighbours have gotten Bumblebee Man and Hans Moleman. I have heard rumors that you can get Santa’s Little Helper too but the chances are really slim.

  5. I am now playing about 5 months now. And I got the teen, gazebo, 30 donuts, lemon tree, white fence and angel statue..

  6. The reward for the day before the box is 1000$, isn’t? They should remove all “rewards” of this box, which are cheaper than that! Even if they give every 5 days 10 donuts for “free”, it wouldn’t affect the game very much. Most premium items costs too much donuts.
    30 for a house+figure is ok, because you can get them, if you save some months…. but 120 or more is really stupid.

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