What will be the next update?

ImageWell with the new family guy game coming out I was just wondering what is everyone’s ideas on the next tapped out update?Last year brought us whacking day and I think EA should bring us an Easter update this year and bunnys instead of snakes and easer eggs instead off eggs.What is your opinion?We might even get whacking day 2014…


14 thoughts on “What will be the next update?

  1. I just looked up Troy McClure, the voice actor also played Lionel Hutz but unfortunately he passed away in 1998. Marge’s mother would be a voiced character though

  2. I’m still all about Whacking Day, as I didn’t start playing until the summer (or fall perhaps) of last year (no smart phone before that!). I want snakes of all sorts in my town. Snakes behind rocks, snakes consuming people (anybody remember Jon Voight regurgitated in “Anaconda”?), snake eggs… Snakes, snakes, snakes!

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