The land of chocolate

ImageHello everyone, I thought I would do a post about a good Idea someone pointed out to me.For tapped out’s next update EA should bring us a Easter themed land of chocolate event.Were you could build your own land of chocolate and instead of money you could have chocolate building blocks.I think this is an amazing idea and EA should defiantly bring us this update.What is your opinion please let me know. 🍫🍩


12 thoughts on “The land of chocolate

  1. Definitely! I remember ‘The Simpsons Game’ on PS2, that had the land of chocolate level, it was awesome! I presume that they only tie in game content with the more recent stuff though. It’s a shame, they’ve had some pretty cool episodes from around 10 years ago that could have great game tie ins. 😦

  2. Donuts bring donuts! Premium items are almost impossible to get so chocolate donuts for Easter would work nice. And maybe a chocolate factory with some oompaloompas.

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