Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff Now Available!

Family Guy The Quest for Stuff - screenshot

Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff is now available to download. I’ve played it for a bit and I think it’s a great game! We’re yet to see if it has any effect on Tapped Out but considering the amount of buzz it’s been getting even before it’s release, you never know, EA could step up their game! After this post I will no longer be posting about Family Guy on this site but over on Family Guy The Game instead. There’s a link to it in the menu above!

You must be 17 or older to download this game due to the crude humour and language used.


19 thoughts on “Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff Now Available!

    • Strange… Maybe it hasn’t cleared the App Store yet? Sometimes it takes longer for apps to be released in some countries compared to others. Check back in about 30 minutes or so. Or, find another game by tinyco like Tiny Monsters and look under the developer apps to see if it’s listed their yet.

  1. I downloaded it and am enjoying it so far. I have 4 characters unlocked so far ^.^ There is no way I could play either game on anything but a tablet, a bigger screen is a must.

    • The only I really dislike is that in order to be my friend in the game we have to be friends on Facebook and I won’t add random people I don’t know to my facebook profile.

  2. I downloaded it for my Android and it just stays on the main page and says could not connect to server, which it is. It may be my work server blocks the game so I will have to check when I get home….stupid work

    • It’s definitely out. Try type in family guy or quest for stuff in the search bar and see it it comes up. Or, check the best new apps section. I think it’s still being featured there in most App Stores worldwide.

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